The Courage to Thrive

The Courage to Thrive

The Courage To Thrive

I’m so grateful you are here and stepping into this journey. It is in your willingness to show up for your own wellbeing that your natural healing potential is awakened – Martine




A book and online course to be released in the Spring of 2019!





“The Courage to Thrive” is a way of living life.

It’s a way of interpreting your past and flipping it into awakening and empowerment. Living from this place you move from survivor to thriver, from victim to hero, from reactor to observer, from oppressed to brave and free!


The story changes and the cast of characters no longer hold your hostage. Through deep healing, acceptance and embodiment of the TRUTH of who you are you can now welcome the unknown, the future, your unrealized dreams, and keep your heart open in the process.