Soul Alignment Sessions

Soul Alignment Sessions

Soul Alignment Sessions 


I’m so grateful you are here and stepping into this journey. It is in your willingness to show up for your own wellbeing that your natural healing potential is awakened – Martine





One of many ‘soul memories’ anchored in my body and mind, is the amazing experience of spending a month in Rwanda in 1989. It was a soul calling that I was able to ‘live into’ thanks to my husband at the time and his Belgium friends who were working and living over there. These soul experiences literally change your chemistry, they rearrange your cells and light you up, and if you allow them, these “soul callings”,will guide you to live your passion and purpose as you move forward.

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Within minutes she brought me to such a deep level of awareness that allowed me to access and reframe some old beliefs that were getting in the way of what I had been trying to achieve.

Not only did she help me to clear them, but at the start of the session, I had a mystery ache in my arm and painful stomach contractions that I was attributing to too much coffee. She brought me into my body and grounded me in such a way that the pain actually dissipated during the session! The arm instantly and my stomach shortly there after, I was amazed.

My intuition also grew very strong, for myself, yes, but I also received information for Martine! I left the session feeling so relaxed, recharged and clear. I knew EXACTLY what I needed to do next in order to start allowing and receiving what I’ve been after for all this time. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

           Susan Ferraro, Manifestation & Mindset Coach

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Ryan Marvelli

 Martine has a calming, healing, and joyous vibration when she’s guiding me through yoga poses or just sharing her wisdom. Her vast background in yoga combined with years of teaching & life experience makes her a natural at coaching others through their challenges whether physical, mental or spiritual. In just a short amount of time she helped me focus on a few poses to help lengthen & relax my hamstrings and just as important to let go of my emotional walls and give me confidence that I can achieve this life-long goal. In turn this also gives me confidence to achieve other goals in my life as well as my yoga practice!

                      Ryan Marvelli  – Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher










My session I had with Martine was truly profound. I was finally able to access some of my true gifts and path in a way that was supported. She really encouraged me to step into what I am here to do. Now I feel even more connected to my purpose and how I can be of complete service to others. Thank you so very much for your clarity, compassion and inspiration. Thank you so very much you are a true gift Martine!

Kelsey Lawford, Wellness Educator and Intuitive Healer





























You may schedule sessions either in person in Boulder, Colorado or via Zoom or Skype online.