Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations

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Guided Meditations



I’m so grateful you are here and stepping into this journey. It is in your willingness to show up for your own wellbeing that your natural healing potential is awakened – Martine 


Each guided meditation is infused with the intention of creating a very deep and transformational experience.



Here’s a taste of what the meditations are like….






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Martine’s meditations are a mind and mood shifter.

Through her soulful voice I’ve received actual transmissions of elevated energy, helping me to transcend to a higher consciousness and a true shift in energy every time! Whether I’m on an airplane or in my living room, I can count on Martine’s voice to gently guide me through heartfelt transitions that embrace my meditation without interruption. I choose my audio meditations on the practitioner’s ability to become one with my process. Martine is a masterful guide for deep relaxing transformative experience from the first moment to the last of these guided meditations. Plus her choice of music is tranquilizing!

                         Cathie Quigley-Soderman ~ Screenwriter