“I think my years of team sports and the weight room made me reluctant to give yoga a try. Thanks to Martine’s teaching style and persona, my introduction to yoga has been a pleasant experience. She is a fabulous teacher. I think Martine’s finest attribute is her gentle, caring manner. She always makes me feel welcome and comfortable regardless of my “newbie” status or inability to perform various maneuvers. I also want to thank her for validating me as a person and encouraging me to try my best.”

-Kraig M.


“Thank you so much Martine. You are helping me to become more and more comfortable in my own skin. No matter what the size and shape of my body. This has been a life long struggle/lesson, and you made it non existent. This is a very unique gift!”



”The first yoga class that I ever took was from Martine. My inspiration for going to a yoga class was a desire to cope with a changing, aging body. I wanted to be more flexible, have better posture and feel better in general. After a period of impatience and resistance on my part, I found that Martine’s class offered me all of these things.”

-Nancy Kesselring


” I look forward to her classes because I always go home feeling strong, stretched and balanced. She is able to transcend me deeper into the pose, leaving me feeling totally restored and at peace.”



When I started Martine’s classes I had several medical conditions to contend with. Because of my limitations, Martine worked one on one with me.  She was so concerned and caring.  She showed me how to modify the routines to my needs and she was just wonderful with me.  I highly recommend her gentle teaching techniques.”

-Susan Bamberg


“I am a 57 year old female student of Martine’s. Martine’s approach to yoga, called Gentle Guided Practice is a necessary balm to my tired old body. For me, Martine is the only teacher who has inspired me to return to yoga even after lapses and distractions. I think that for a teacher of her remarkable caliber, she wears the mantle of her extensive knowledge very lightly, without attitude.”

-Michel B.


“We all appreciate how she instructs us – she tells us clearly what we should do. She also effortlessly makes adjustments during classes to accommodate each person’s special needs so that we all get the most out of our time together.”

-Sally Ewald


“I was stuck and holding onto a lot of pain and loss in recent years, I have a hectic schedule, work and school, career roadblocks, and two teenagers. I discovered that Martine’s gentle classes provided what I was searching for.  Martine’s classes allow me to see and understand myself, appreciate the beauty in life, and to begin each week with a calm focus.”



“As a grammar school teacher my days are always harried, and I always rush to get to yoga class on time. My mind is spinning when I arrive. Within a very short period I become much more relaxed.  I can feel the changes in my body as I stretch and clear away earthly concerns from my mind and body.  Martine is completely supportive of everyone’s different tolerances for body movement.  She is gentle in her teaching and her persona.  I am not a “spiritual” person, yet I always come away feeling grateful for the yoga experience, and aware of how different and how much better I feel by the end of the class.  It is, indeed, a transformation.  Thank you Martine!”

-Judith Wagner


“The meditative benefit of yoga is probably the most important one for me. I have a stressful, high demand job, and really need that time to allow my body and mind to unwind. Of course, there is the added benefit of increased mobility and I always sleep better after a yoga session. I really appreciate Martine’s style of teaching – she never wants you to push your body beyond its limitations and really takes the time to explain the poses and make adjustments, if needed. I appreciate her direct approach and sensitivity to all her student’s needs.”

Patti Sinclair


“I so enjoy attending Martine’s yoga classes.  Her kind, gentle spirit is so refreshing.  I look forward to every class and completely enjoy the evening.  I love when she gives us about 5 things to do with our bodies, we are wound up like pretzels, and then her little voice says, ‘and breeeeathe.’”

Cathy Boffi



 “What I love about Martine and her teaching style is her ability to help each person accommodate a yoga pose to any physical issues. For me, the issue was arthritis in the neck. Initially, I began yoga to regain flexibility – what I have received is not only increased flexibility, but better balance and strength. I believe that yoga has helped to relieve the neck pain from arthritis. Martine is a born teacher – gentle and encouraging – and I am grateful to have found her as a teacher and have yoga in my life.”

-Gayle Goldberg